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Drive Change / A Decade of Cargo Bikes

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It’s time to celebrate!

A decade ago, Urban Arrow reinvented the cargo bike. We managed to move the market with our electric cargo bikes from a Dutch niche to a European category. That very first model, the Family, has become an icon and is now available as a limited edition anniversary edition: The Family Anniversary. To celebrate our 10 year anniversary even more, we’ve done something extraordinary; A book that is dedicated to our brand, our products and most of all: our community!

About the book
The book pays tribute to the growing community, inspires and activates others to switch to the Urban Arrow cargo bike and be extra proud of their choice to ride an Urban Arrow. The book tells the stories from the first pioneering dealer to the family that grew up with an Urban Arrow. It illustrates the bicycle from idea to production and shows how customers worldwide enjoy their cargo bike and the accompanying lifestyle. We let people from several industries have their say. This ranges from suppliers of Urban Arrow via other bicycle brands to independent experts. 

All over the world, urban infrastructure is becoming more bicycle-friendly and more and more people and companies are switching to electric cargo bikes for their transport within the city (last mile transport). Together we form the clean, quiet and efficient city of today and the future. Smart urban mobility.